Be a Productivity Beast

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Penulis : Richie Jimmy Walia, DTM, BEc
Ilyasa Andritya Muhammad
Editor :
Harga : Rp. 80.000Penerbit : CV. Idebuku
No. ISBN : ProcessJumlah Halaman : xxx + 82 hlm

Deskripsi Buku
There are so many people who may claim they areproductive in what they do! But not all of them are as productive as they think they may be. There’s a reason for that, the reason is simple being productive is not simply just about doing your daily activities and getting it done! It is also about how you do them. How consistent are you when you do those activities? And most important of all, how much do you get done? These are some of the factors, which need to be taken into consideration if you truly want to be productive. and especially if you want to be a productivity Beast, we need to focus on the Three H. the points which was
mentioned above, we will Now get into the three points one by one with a complete explanation on those points so we can understand that there are three points to consider before understanding how to be a Productivity Beast.

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